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Classic Massage

Retreat to a private haven that transcends the extraordinary. Whether seeking a luxuriously relaxing therapy or one tailored to soothe over-exerted muscles, you will leave relaxed and rejuvenated. Available in 60 minute, 75 minute and 90 minute


Calendula-Lavender Massage

A beautiful treat for your skin. Antioxidant rich, Calendula flowers not only protect the skin from free radicals but it nourishes and repairs as well. 75 minutes


Arnica-Juniper Massage

Say goodbye to pain! Arnica flowers ease muscle inflammation and reduces pain in the joints. Juniper improves blood circulation which is necessary for overall muscle health and restoration. 75 minutes


Kava-Kava, Lavender & Rose

Kava-Kava has a profound relaxing effect on the musculoskeletal system while Lavender & Rose sedate your nervous system. Stress, anxiety and agitation fade away leaving you light on your feet. 75 minutes



Mandarin, Ylang-Ylang & Frankicense

Body, mind and soul become harmonized with this powerful treatment. Mandarin boosts our mood, filling the room with a sweet citrus aroma. Ylang-Ylang and Frankincense beautifully compliment this oil by using your euphoric state, gently guiding you to let go of any problems and rising you to a higher state of consciousness. 75 minutes


Barefoot in Bali

Escape to paradise with a fresh plumeria oil massage. Tension and stress melt away with every minute. After the heavenly massage the body is scrubbed down with a hibiscus whipped sugar scrub and submerged in 120 degree ginger steam. This session ends with a plumeria whipped body butter application. 90 minutes


Mediterranean Magic

Feel like royalty with this treat for the body. The session begins with a high quality small batch olive oil massage, this restores skin health and brings back a youthful glow. After the massage you are gently exfoliated with a mediterranean sea salt & fig scrub and covered in 120 degree sweet orange steam. To end the royal treatment you are lathered in a whipped fig and sweet orange body butter. 90 minutes


21st Century Detox

Ylang-Ylang, Frankincense & Mandarin work together to detox the body of pollutants from computers, tablets and smartphones while also sedating the nervous system and elevating your consciousness. The sweet smell of Mandarin pulls you into a euphoric state. After the massage the body is exfoliated with a shea butter sugar scrub and you are covered in 120 degree Mandarin steam and then lathered in a whipped Ylang-Ylang & Mandarin body butter...this treatment harmonizes the mind body and soul connection. 90 minutes



Good Vibrations Energy Cleanse

Release all negativity and feel like you again with this deeply healing and restorative treatment. The session starts with a Palo Santo Smudge. The smoke from Palo Santo works on a cellular level to restore the energy and vibrations around you to a more positive frequency. Next you relax into your sage oil massage slipping away from reality. The body is gently exfoliated with an Activated Hawaiian Lava Salt Scrub and you are bathed in 120 degree sage infused steam. This treatment ends with an application of whipped Rosemary-Lavender body butter to seal in the effects. 90 minutes

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